I've been playing this game for a bit now, and it's a ton of fun. Old Mordheim fans will love the game, as it has the same feel to it as the tabletop game. Video gamers maybe or maybe not, as the action is turn based and is not as fast as it is in the videos.

The game Mordheim City of the Damned really took me by surprise how much I like it. Its a little hardcore for some, as your warband can take permanent injuries that can effect their gameplay, but to me it's all about the atmosphere of the game. Yea, my guy may limp a little and have some penalties in close combat...... time to switch some skills to a bow, but it's great fun to play and age with your characters.

So how does Mordheim work? You spend a lot of your time on missions. In game play lines up both gangs against each other in an initiative order for each round of play. When one of your gang members are up, they have both move actions and combat actions they can take. The game is quite clever in that large two handed weapons often take more combat actions to use, while smaller ones take less. So yes, I like the large halbreds.

So when it's your turn to move a warrior, you run them around in a beautifully created map where you can search for wyrdstone, items, loot your opponents wagon, and of course run into the enemy. Because it is moving one guy at a time, the actions is more strategic than reactive, which is something I like a lot. Other nice features are counter attacks, ambush/dodge/ parry stances. These help you avoid major damage, which can sometimes be hard to heal during a battle.

the one thing that I have had a hard time making work, is archers. The graphics are nice seeing the arrow you just shot that guy with sticking out of him. However, the damage seems a little low on an arrow that appears to have hit them and is sticking in one side of their head and out the other.

So far as video games go, this is a good game and one that I like a lot. You can easily get hooked into it very fast. Jumping straight in took me a bit (combat can seem a little complex)... so I went through the combat tutorials, but once figured out the game is intriguingly fun and addicting.

Overall Id give the game 8 out of 10 stars. Thats very high in my book.

They also have a sale going on now for the game.

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