This week there was not a whole lot released, although White Dwarf did have some interesting contents, an exclusive scenario for the Betrayal at Calth board game, and something new for Execution Force. Both of the new items brought Daemons into the games.

Need to check out some more pics from the magazine including next weeks teaser?

You can also get more information on the new White Dwarf at the link below.

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Here’s what else you'll find in issue 99:
•An in-depth look at the Ultramarines 3rd Company, the Scourge of the Xenos.
•A Parade Ground of Horus Heresy Legion Veteran Tactical Squads, including the Sons of Horus, Death Guard, Raven Guard and Salamanders.
•Our Christmas gift to you: an exclusive scenario for the Betrayal at Calth board game that enables you to summon Daemons to the underground arcologies of Calth.
•A look at the exceptional artwork of the Age of Sigmar.
•Additional rules for Assassinorum: Execution Force. If you thought it was tough before, now you have to face a Daemon Prince.
•In Golden Demon we chat to Gareth Nicholas about his Slayer Sword-winning diorama.
•Plus plenty more besides, including the heroes of the Ultramarines, a quartet of airborne duardin, useful tips on painting models from the Betrayal at Calth and a closer look at the stripiest weapon in the galaxy. But what could it be…?

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