Racial Creation is a lot of fun in Genesys, and to answer a request and show how its done, here is what the racial creation system looks like,  specifically to create a Khajiit-like race (like in Skyrim).

Lets jump right in. First off, we know that we will be selecting a humanoid variant called the Feral. The Feral are a hybrid racial variant that you can select. To make it easier, here is a quick image from the current version for play testing.

Since we are starting with the Feral, we must adjust our base stat line and start off at 4pts (keep track of this)

Khajiit: 4pts
Strength: 3     Toughness: 3     Movement: 3          M(tn): 6
Martial: 3       Ranged: 2          Defense: 3              R(tn): 5
Discipline: 2  Willpower: 2     Command: 2           Wounds: 1

Now we are going to add traits to this. It's important to note that we are creating our basic Khajiit, the baseline for other unit classes to build on top of. When we select a primary trait in any branch, we open the secondary traits, so we will definitely be selecting Predatory Attributes, as this will allow the Khajiit-like race to fight with their claws. They will also be able to use weapons if we choose.
Predatory Attributes: 4pts
Allows Feral Species to fight with their claws

Now, I am going to jump into Genetic Mutations.
I am going to take a Physical Advantage primary trait (there are more than one),
Increased Movement 8pts
This will increase my movement characteristic by 1. This costs me 8pts, since genetic mutations traits tend to be costly for Humanoids.

Next in Enviromental Adaptations I will take Concealment. It does the following
Concealment 2pts
Only 25% of your model must be covered by terrain to get cover. This is increased from the normal 50% .

-note that since the primary trait of concealment is unlocked, it will make taking secondary traits under concealment easier when we are creating our Unit Classes. I see a class of Khajiit Stalkers ambushing enemy scouts.

Mobility 2pts (primary trait)
Adapting to the environment means getting around easier. Perfectly adapted to do so, allows Humanoids to specialize their ability to move quickly and unhindered through terrain.
Mobility reduces terrain movement penalties by 1.

Enhanced Movement 4pts  (Secondary Trait unlocked by Mobility)
Increased Movement Characteristic +1

OK, now these will be our base Khajiit. Unit classes will add new abilities and increase stats as we develop them.

Khajiit: 24pts
Strength: 3     Toughness: 3     Movement: 5          M(tn): 6
Martial: 3       Ranged: 2          Defense: 3              R(tn): 8
Discipline: 2  Willpower: 2     Command: 2           Wounds: 1

Looking back over this, the one Genetic Mutation trait we took, I would most likely remove, after all it would save 8pts. Then I could always take it separately for an elite unit class. The one nice thing though is that we do not need to wield weapons, so there is no additional costs per model. It really comes down to how you want your Khajiit to be. As it is, they are extremely fast, able to sprint 20" across the table movement x4. 15" on a charge is nothing to take lightly, as these Khajiit warriors are fierce pouncing into combat.

Now something cool I might want to do here when creating my unit classes, specifically my specialized units (elite), or leaders, is add in a Fay'rie hybridization. These could be my noble Khajiit warriors, with either Ethereal Jump, or Foresight depending on other abilities you wanted.

Once the base Khajiit Race is done, it would be time to move on to create the Armory and Unit Classes for your army. Each unit type would add in a new dynamic options for you in your army list, including weapons, and other options.

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