Press release from SN Battle Reports
Just a month to go until the super "No Retreat" event organised by SN battle reports!
Gamers from the UK and Spain (and possibly even from elsewhere in the galaxy wink emoticon ) will be making their way to our Gibraltar base to compete to become the first ever "NO RETREAT" champion whereas our local 40K stalwarts will do their utmost to ensure that the awesome trophies and prizes do not leave our shores!

SN is blessed by the Emperor in having attracted some amazing sponsorsh...ip and support (special thanks Forge The Narrative btw!) for the event including Bandua Wargames from Spain and Element Games - Wargaming Webstore from UK both supplying prize vouchers for the main winners and the painted units in our not to be missed painting competition. have also agreed to sponsor the event and have sent us a range of their fantastic new mats which will be featured on our tables accompanied by the best terrain you will ever see in any tournament! The mindblowingly awesome tables will include scenery from JMD Scenery, STUDIOLEVEL and Wargame Terrain Factory! We will also be debuting some new boards not yet seen in our reports including a crashed starship board that will hit you like a master crafted twin linked intercepting destroyer weapon. ;)

So Gibraltar eh? What's that all about? It's a British territory just to the south of Spain at the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea. A small place jam packed with military history and significance, great shops, great food, easy access to Spain and Morocco and apes... Yes, apes! Well, wild macaques smile emoticon Check out for more information but let us just say that there will be plenty for you to do from visiting the upper rock nature reserve, military tunnels and galleries, natural caves, cable car or even just chilling in town.

The tournament itself will be in the Retreat Centre which has everything you need from free wifi to amazing views of Spain, the Mediterrain and Africa and a chillout area for breaks where you can relax with the other participants. Rooms are available just metres away on the floor upstairs with ensuite bathrooms and staying the night is possible for an amazing price of just £20 and offers you all the above plus the free use of the kitchen downstairs. PM us for package details.

We have extended the deadline for entries and upped the number so there are still up to 6 places left! Check out the rules on and join us for what will be a not to be missed spectacular event. As an extra bonus there are freebies for all participants including the coveted event t-shirt ;) and much more importantly you may have the opportunity to play against the likes of Lawrence from Tabletop Tactics and James from Siege Studios who are both confirmed participants!

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