Forgeworld this morning is releasing for pre-orders many different weapon packs. Many of you have been sending me in notices that the weapons you were looking for were no longer available on Forgeworld.... and now we have answers.

Here is the latest.
Legion Combi-weapon Set £15
Legion Heavy Flamer Set £13
Legion Volkite Culverin Set £13
Legion Rotor Cannon Set £13
Legion Heavy Bolter Set £13
Legion Autocannon Set £13
Tigrus Pattern Bolters £12
Graviton Gun Set £12

Legion Volkite Charger Set £12
Umbra Ferrox Pattern Bolters £12
Legion Seeker Bolter Set £12
Legion Volkite Caliver Set £12
Phobos Pattern Bolters £12
Legion Melta Gun Set £12E
Umbra Pattern Bolters £12
Legion Plasma Gun Set £12

Legion Flamer Set £12

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