Today the Games Workshop Advent Calendar takes on Alpha Legion Power Armour, along with a painting guide to Nurgle and an Age of Sigmar story.

Advent Day 12: Warhammer 40,000 Nurgle Painting Guide $4.99
Nurgle is a god of life and decay, and his followers march to battle in the colours of rot and mould and slime, all the forms of life that the Plague God exalts. This painting guide provides two examples of such colour schemes. The nihilistic warband known as The Purge wear armour in sickly green and stark black, while Plague Marines couple a rancid green with corroded brass.

Advent Day 12: The Prodigal $1.99
Lykerna, the City of Light, sits in the Realm of Hysh in permanent tribute to the Tyrion, Lord of Light. But although it was once his home before the Blood God found him and twisted him to His gore-soaked service, the Chaos champion Graunos has never seen it... Forsaken and seeking revenge, he returns at the head of an army. Will he topple the gleaming towers, or will the light prevail?

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