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Some time ago I send you some of my Thousans Sons (http://natfka.blogspot.de/2014/06/whats-on-your-table-thousand-sons-and.html). Since then my Thousand Sons warband is getting stronger and bigger, day by day. With the recent Tzeentch rumors, BaC and the Forge World Upgrades you can expect even more!

I recently finished a Thousand Sons Maulerfiend:

Here's my (so far) first finished Dread:

My most recent Rubricae Squad, now 5 man strong but slowly growing:

I now own ca. 14 Sorcerers. I like to convert my Champions into some sort of Sorcerer, so that explains a lot of them. I could only cram 10 of them into that picture. 

And finally here's a group shot of (most of) my finished Thousand Sons and some Black Legion and Iron Warrior allies (ca. July 2015):

Happy Holidays!
-Barth aka "Aasfresser"

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