Christmas Day is now rumored to be the release day for the next Horus Heresy book #33. There will be a few more coming as well next year, and our source here on Faeit 212 gives us some insight to the timeline. Here is the latest on the Horus Heresy from the Black Library.

Please remember that this is still a rumor, but Squiggly has been on top of things lately. Any more hints?

via Squiggly on Faeit 212
HH Book 33 release Xmas day.
Two more books within the first 2-3 months of next year. (Quick release reprint anthologies, nothing special)

There's also a Garro novel ala Tallarn Ironclad coming.

Not really big or new news I know, but just to give you all an idea on timeframe. GW are going to be "increasing" the number of Heresy books released this year, but in all honestly it will be an imagined rather than real increase. Unless you count two books of reprinted content + your normal dose of 3-4 Heresy books as an increase. 

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