Today we have a story about with the Iron Warriors and a Slaanesh Painting Guide. I know a lot of people think Slaanesh is going to go away, but really?.... the chances of that are very small. We have seen just enough to keep her alive.  However....... my Dark Eldar want her dead, so there would be a party at my house.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Slaanesh Painting Guide
Mobile & Tablet Edition:$ 4.99
The mortal followers of Slaanesh wear a wide range of colours, from subtle and disturbingly organic hues to bright, vibrant colours that engage their dulled senses. This painting guide gives you two colour schemes for painting Chaos Warriors, one for the Clamour of Bliss warband and the other in the garish pink and gold of the Court of Vain Rapture.

This title is available in two editions, designed to provide the best reading experience on mobile phones and tablets. But you don’t have to choose – buying this product will allow you to download both versions, so you’ll always be able to have the right edition on your device. Both versions are ePub 3 files. For more information about these, check out our Formats and Ranges page.

Blood and Iron
eShort:$ 3.99
Ferrix, an Iron Warriors warpsmith on the corrupted forge world of Dementius, has his sights set on the most powerful fusion of daemon and machine he has yet attempted, seeking to unleash the violence of Khorne through the ultimate weapon.

Written by Robbie MacNiven

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