I really have not been following the GW Advent Calendars, as I don't really think they have been as good as years previous.  However, I know there are some of these that may be of interest to readers, so I am going to touch base with them on occasion, especially with the one part of the advent calendar I have been loosely following... the painting guides.


Advent Day 7: Jackalwolf
Day seven in the Black Library Advent Calendar
When the Word Bearers launch an attack on Fenris, Lukas the Trickster must use all his guile to defend his home planet.

Advent Day 7: The Blasted Wastes Terrain Guide
Day seven in the Warhammer Digital Advent Calendar
This hobby guide shows you how to paint your Warhammer Age of Sigmar scenery to represent the warped terrain of the Blasted Wastes.

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