The Kickstarter is over, and it pushed $950k breaking £629k to reach every stretch goal Hawk Wargames put up.... with some room to spare. Truly a fantastic kickstarter. The next 6 months are going to be hard while we wait to get everything delivered. Here are the final numbers, and a few words from Hawk Wargames.

Now to finally see what Bolt-ons I will have to add to my pledge once Christmas moves past. I know most of you that follow this already have read this, but very few of you are done talking about it. A lot of fun and talk in my emails over the last hours since the kickstarter ended.
3,918 backers pledged £629,222 to help bring this project to life.

Update #33 - A Massive Thank You!
Posted by Hawk Wargames
To everyone who backed, supported or shared this Kickstarter...

Thank you!

We will send out another update early next week, and start getting the ball rolling with information about the Pledge Manager, as well as when you can expect to see more models and painted examples of the miniatures!

Kind regards

The Hawk Wargames Team

Update #32 - Just over 3 hours to go...
Thanks for your patience with us getting this Update out to you... Well, that has been an active afternoon!

First off - We have unlocked the Faction Specific Dropfleet Commander T-shirts as Bolt-Ons... and here is an example of what they are going to look like:

Next, here is what the Dropfleet Commander Backers T-shirt is going to look like:

This is a free reward for every pledge level backer!! You can also add it as a Bolt-On for £10 if you would like more than one, or if there are more than one person backing on a single pledge!

Next up we have some painted models for you... The Launch Assets.

This Bolt-On is a perfect upgrade for the card tokens that are in the Two Player Starter Set, and one set includes everything you see above - enough for a balanced tournament sized army. Please check Update #8 for more information on the Launch Assets Pack. This Pack can be bolted on for £10! Here's another photo which shows off the scale comparison to a UCM Fleet Carrier:

Some Clarifications:

To ensure everyone gets the rewards and Bolt-Ons for their pledge, there are a couple of points we wanted to make:

In order to receive any Free Rewards, you need to back a specific pledge level. Any level of support (of any value) that isn't linked to a Pledge Level will not count towards any rewards, (including any freebies). You also won't be able to add any bolt ons. While we're thankful for all your support, we really want you to be rewarded! So please do choose a pledge level if you'd like freebies and the ability to add bolt-ons.
In the Pledge Manager (which will go out after the Kickstarter) you will not be able to change your pledge level, so please make sure you're happy with your level. however:
The Pledge Manager will allow backers - who have pledged against a Pledge Level on this Kickstarter - to select and/or add Bolt-Ons. More information will go out about this in the next few weeks.
We will be doing one last Q&A for any last minute questions, which can be asked on the comments section of this Update from 8:30pm to 9:30pm.

We look forward to the last few hours, and thank you again for all of your support!

The Hawk Wargames Team

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