There are less than two days left at this point. In fact there are only 39 hours left at the time of this posting. Dropfleet is pushing close to  £500k, its top and final set of unlocks. Here is where the project is right now.

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Update #28 - Clusters, Sectors, and Shaltari Shooters
Posted by Hawk Wargames
Welcome to the start of December, and the beginning of the last few days of this Dropfleet Commander Kickstarter! What a November it has been...

However, always wanting to look forward, we have a few exciting things to show you, as well as a bit more detail about some of the key parts of the game, including another video from Beasts of War.

We’ve mentioned Clusters and Sectors during the campaign, but with the Deluxe Resin Cluster Pack now unlocked we thought we’d talk about how these crucial elements work in-game.

Clusters are the vast, sprawling urban areas of a planet. In game terms they come in three types – small, medium and large. These are the general areas that players will be fighting over. However, much like modern day cities, these clusters have key strategic points that troops will fight over for control of the whole area.

These key areas are called Sectors, and are made up of three types: Commercial Sectors, Military Sectors and Industrial Sectors. It is these Sectors that players land troops in, defend, assault and bombard from orbit. These are all important, and in most scenarios they are central to your mission. Each Sector type has a set DP (similar to a ship), with Commercial having the most, then Military then Industrial.

Each printed Cluster has clearly indicated areas onto which you place Sector tokens, allowing you to play all the main scenarios in the Rulebook. The Two Player Starter Set comes with enough Cluster sheets and Sector tokens to play all the scenarios up to tournament sized games.

The Deluxe Resin Cluster Pack comes with enough 3D resin Sector pieces to play all the main scenarios in the Rulebook. These serve as a direct upgrade for the card tokens in the 2 Player Starter Set. The pack includes: 6 Commercial Sectors, 10 Military Sectors and 12 Industrial Sectors. They allow players to easily identify which sector is which, as well as being beautiful gaming pieces on the board. The tiny, lavishly detailed buildings represented on the pieces are also in scale with the ships!

And, a few more things to show you:

The next Beasts of War video on the Shaltari

And finally, we will be showing off a range of PHR Frigates tomorrow and hopefully before the end of the campaign we are going to be able to show a few more painted models...

More on both of these to come very soon!

The Hawk Wargames Team

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