Still just over a day left on the kickstarter, and it's going up fast. Already the 500k has been reached and the next goals are now in reach. Hawk Wargames has reached out with another update on the kickstarter, so here is the latest update.
3,177 backers
$774,297  pledged of $61,066 goal   £507k
27 hours to go

Update #30 - Five Hundred Thousand - and more importantly: Frigate Bonanza!
Posted by Hawk Wargames
Well... that was a busy afternoon!

The Frigate Bonanza Reward for all pledge level backers, is now unlocked.

What does this mean? Every pledge level backer (if you have backed one of the following pledge levels: Lieutenant, Commander, Captain, Commodore or Admiral) will receive the following for free, in addition to any Bolt-Ons and other free unlocks you have already:

A Frigate Sprue for each faction - there are 4 Frigates per Sprue = 16 Frigates!
Bases for each Free Frigate = 16 Bases!

Where's the PHR Frigates!?
As promised, we have some things to show you too:

The next unlock is at £525k - The Scourge Space Station Resin Scenery Upgrade Pack, which will allow you to add to your Plastic Modular Space Station Pack, or to add to other scenery pieces you might want to use.

We will have a few more things to show you tomorrow too, along with a little more about the pledge manager, and our plans going forward.

Thank you for all of your support! We look forward to last 24 hours... will the Activation Card Pack be unlocked as a free reward for High Rank backers?

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