62 hours left.....2.5 days before the very successful Dropfleet Commander Kickstarter ends. They are on their final push, attempting to get up to 3,000 backers and £500k to reach the maximum unlocks listed. Of course there are new unlocks, and more information coming right around the corner. Here is the latest updates, as well as exactely where we are at (as of a couple hours ago).

2,907 backers
$696,176   pledged of $61,066 goal  over £456k
62 hours to go

Update #27 - Thanks for your patience - Some more PHR!
Posted by Hawk Wargames
From deep in South London, in the Hawk Wargames studios, we are happy to be able to bring you some new PHR... but first, here is the most recent unlock from £440k:

The Eden Prime Map Set brings 6 double sided maps showing regions from across the planet. This Set is available as a bolt-on for £30, and is the final map set being made available as a bolt-on.

Next up (at £460k) we have the Deluxe Resin Cluster Pack. This (£30 Bolt-On) will be a set that can be used in game instead of the card versions supplied in the Two Player Starter Set, and provides enough clusters for all scenarios in a tournament sized game.

Then (at £475k) we have the Dropfleet Commander Poster Set (£18 Bolt-On), which includes 5 A2 sized posters. We plan for these to be rolled into a tube, so they will be well protected in transit. This set of 5 Posters will contain 4 Faction Specific visuals of all the spaceships for each race, and a poster of some of the artwork. An example section is shown below for how the ships will be on the posters:

Example section from UCM Poster, unlocking as a bolt-on as part of the Dropfleet Commander Poster Set at £475k.
If we hit 3000 backers, then every pledge level backer will receive a UCM Dog Tag. More information and visuals will follow on this in due course.

And if we hit £500k every pledge level backer will receive a Frigate Sprue for each faction in our Frigate Bonanza, (along with the flight stands for these 16 models).

But, so you don't have to wait any longer, here is a PHR Frigate... along with a selection of Cruisers that you may also not have seen yet!

More images will be on the PHR section of the campaign page soon. More on the PHR Frigates to come in tomorrow's update.

Also, check out this new video, where Hawk Simon talks more about the Shaltari in Dropfleet Commander with Warren from Beasts of War:


Thanks you for your huge faith in Hawk Wargames in this Kickstarter! We hope that with your continued growing and sharing of this campaign, we can reach and unlock the Frigate Bonanza Reward with you all over the next few days!

The Hawk Wargames Team

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