It seems lots of information is coming in, as we have already seen the new Venomthrope/Zoanthrope box kit for next week. Now we have some details on the Shield of Baal, which is a two book set that will be released both digitally and in hardback.

Lets take a look at the latest information regarding the Shield of Baal.

Please remember that this is early release information and these must be considered to be rumors. Next week I am sure next week we will start seeing some images of these start to surface.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Shield of Baal is the first release for the campaign. There will be more. It comes in two hardback books and in a slipcase.

book 1 comes with all the details on the invasion- background
includes the invasion of the Cryptus System, called the shieldworlds of Baal.
the astra militarum, blood angels and even the sisters of battle are mentioned here.

book 2 is rules including, Echoes of War scenarios (6), a cities of death expansion with 6 new missions, death from the skies rules for aerial combat.  

Forces of Leviathan: a new detachment for Tyranids with warlord traits, datasheets for new units, and new formations.

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