The War Pulpit is now available at a good price, 26% off. You can check it out here and by following the links below to Raging Heroes.

Press Release from Raging Heroes*

The next BIG thing is here: the Sisters' War Pulpit finally available! 
This incredible Sisters' war machine combines deadly weapons with tons of beautiful gothic details. 
It is 125mm tall! (4.9 inches!)

We're so proud to finally bring you one of the TGG2 most anticipated models: the War Pulpit! Definitely an outstanding center piece on any table, standing at 125 mm/ 4.9 inches: finally available! We can't wait to see more of your paintjobs on this one!

On the left by Kwok Sing Wong, on the right by Miltiadhs!
For more painted photos, inspiration, tips and more, join the community, it's fun: the Raging Heroes Facebook Group

Raging Heroes Team

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