The recent Bloodthirster release from Games Workshop has unleashed a very positively accepted new Greater Daemon model throughout the hobby. The details on this model are exceptional for the three variants that are included in the kit. The main drawback I have seen with this release (released this coming Friday, pre-orders up now), is the price and concerns for how thin the flames are supporting the large Bloodthirster. However the model is quite beautiful, and is more than I had expected we would see for a greater daemon release. I can't wait to see the others that are rumored to be in the pipeline.

In the last few days, What's New Today from Games Workshop has released several close up images of the new models, and I figured it was worthwhile to take a closer look at them.

There area few more images and discussion from Games Workshop on What's New Today. Here is a link to today's and yesterday's entries.'s-New-Today-from-the-White-Dwarf-Team/2015/02/25/The-embodiment-of-rage's-New-Today-from-the-White-Dwarf-Team/2015/02/25/Khorne-s-wrath-made-manifest

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