Shieldwolf Miniatures has offered 4 Lion Rider Models to readers here on Faeit 212 for a random drawing. Their current kickstarter has already been successfully funded, and has 9 days left on it. The Lion Riders on this giveaway are some of my favorite models they have listed.

If you have not been over to check out their kickstarter, its time to do so. Here is the link.

So here is how it is going to work, simply post a comment below the article (once please), and you are in the running to win. The giveaway will last through the week until Friday at Midnight PST (Pacific Standard Time). The winners will be selected at random.

Its important to note, that Shieldwolf Miniatures has said that they will need a minimum of 2 months before being able to send the models to the winner of the drawing.

These are very cool and unique miniatures to win, and I want to give the guys at Shieldwolf miniatures a big thank you for offering these to the readers here on the site.

Our Drawing has just been upgraded. There will now be 4 Lion Rider models (1 model for each winner), .......... and a grand prize winner that wins an entire Siberias Lion Rider pack. That's 5 winners in total. 

and here is a youtube early look at these models. thanks to fantasmadellaopera for posting a link to this video

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