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Showcasing: The Basement Collective

I always enjoy watching battle reports, and I tend to watch quite a few of them between articles and rumor research. This week I have watched a large number of videos from one site in particular, The Basement Collective, who does a lot more than just battle reports. Tutorials, tournament news, and giveaways, there is a lot to see on their site. They also frequent the Faeit 212 Community Site, and have quite a few of their videos up there.

I wanted to showcase these guys, and give you a just a sampling this weekend of what is going on over there. 

First off The Basement Collective can be found here at this link. 

Battle Reports



The Basement Showcase

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  1. I've played with these guys and have to say it was a shock to see them on here as I was browsing for my daily WH40k fix. They are a really great group of people, very welcoming and extremely friendly no matter your skill level or knowledge, exactly what this game should be. (I am the terrible nid player in the vids). If anyone deserves the subs it's these guys, a great asset to the table top community!

    1. Sweet - yeah they look like a fun group. 40K is an amazing game when you have a good group! All of the ridiculous "problems" you hear about constantly on the internet are so minor with reasonable folks.

  2. Great vids guys! Where are yall based out of? Looks like a group of guys Id enjoy throwing dice with.