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Image Leaks from Archaon- Incarnates/ Isabella

There are more image leaks from The End Times Archaon floating around today, revealing the incarnates, and more. Archaon is definitely the last End Times book, and Archaon is already sold out in limited edition formats.

Here are some more images from the latest Games Workshop release, End Times: Archaon. As I get more links, I will place them here.

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  1. wonder what the story is with Isabella siding with Nurgle

  2. Man thanks games workshop for all these cool...dead...characters.

    1. ^ i'm guessing you hoped for something else right? in order to reboot they need to wipe them out (existing characters). it must be great what they have in store for us, otherwise it's a huge risk.

    2. It better be. I have a lot of time and love spent painting favorite characters. I do not paint to display either. I want them on the table.

    3. But how many times have your purchased and painted those characters, however? Also, many of them were tired and boring. It was time to move on from a stale storyline.

      GW is risking what virtually no sci-fi game company does by rebooting fluff AND rules. If it works, they'll be like the Louis CK of table top.

    4. As a fantasy player I think this is what it needed. Unlike 40k you can't just invent new races/units in fantasy at least not as easily. HE now has the freedom to do what it likes.

    5. it works? That must be why Old world of darkness books are all getting reprinted after the reboot.

  3. Replies
    1. - Isabella becomes a servant of Nurgle, is killed by Vlad, who also dies in the attack

    2. Here's a short summary of what I gathered from a quick leaf-through:
      - Pretty much anything of interest happens in Middenheim, including a ritual to end the world
      - Caradryan is the Incarnate of Aqshy
      - Grimgor decapitated by Archaon pretty much as an aside, after fighting scores of greater deamons on his own
      - Archaon and Karl Franz clash twice, to little effect
      - Dwarfs beliefe Balthasar Gelt to be Grungi reborn, are wiped out
      - Sigvald kills Krell, gets killed by Thogg instantly afterwards
      - Arkhan is sacrificed to cover a retreat
      - Alarialle mindrapes Hellebron, then guts her like a fish
      -Durthu sacrifices himself to rezz the Alarielle, who keeps *********** dying
      - Balthasar Gelt dies to Mannfred, but was revealed as pretty much the most noble guy around
      - Ka'Banda kills Caradryan and goes around kicking everybodies **** in for pages on end, killed by Sigmar himself
      - the Wind of Heavens is revealed to be the will of Sigmar Heldenhammer, KF becomes Sigmar in full
      - Teclis keeps absorbing the Winds of the Incarnates as those die, overloads and explodes
      - Grimgor's Immortulz lead the final charge on Chaos
      - Sigmar punches the Slayer of Kings apart
      - Rituals goes through anyway, magic goes away, Nagash just fades away
      - Mannfred dies like a bitch to Tyrion
      - Sigmar and Archaon wrastle a bit, stumble into the ritual-created chaos rift like dummies
      - EVERYBODY left suffers from 'Rocks Fall, Everybody dies'-syndrome, but Malekith gets away with crushed legs, Tyrion SOMEHOW is unharmed and Alarielle dies AGAIN and rezzes AGAIN

    3. @aracersss: So Malekith lives through the end times? Or is everybody gone?

    4. more to it in the following hours ^^ ... rumors say malekith push alarielle away when some ruins were about to fall on her. The result broke malekith's legs ... no clue if the debris trapped him or not ... malekith must had said to tyrion and alarielle that he was for done for with the situation getting worse by the minute ...

    5. Noooooo...Nagash....i was hoping he'd survive as a spirit and makes his own world or has an epic final death.

    6. Any word on the skavens? what's happening with them?

    7. 20p says Sigmar is featured very heavily in 9th. As leader of the human faction.

      It's probably him who's mentioned at the very end of book v.

      And he is a god after all.

    8. I think 9th will really be a blank slate setting. tabula rasa.

      I think the "spirit" or "essence" of Sigmar basically was used up trying to create the new world. It will take a while for it to manifest itself again, especially physically, in this new world. Or maybe some other spirit will assume the role as the new leader of humanity and will eventually sacrifice itself so that "we" may live in a new world.

    9. I posted in the leaked end of the End Times post but for me, I see one of three possibilities for Fantasy now:
      1. it's a reboot of the series and it either saves or kills itself.
      2. everything they add to the game will be pre/during the end times, like they did with the storm of chaos.
      or 3. they use this opportunity to create a whole new warhammer franchise, not fantasy or 40k.
      whatever comes will come, we just have to wait and see if it's a hit or a flop.

    10. But.. but... Grimgor is da best

  4. I'd wager all named Characters are going down. The awesome models, on the other hand, will be useful as non-specific, post-endtimes characters.

    1. There's nothing non - specific about Nagash

    2. True. I mean, what, is there just going to be an undead army with a generic giant Death Pope?

    3. I'm glad my books don't spontaneously combust when a new edition of the game system comes out. I wouldn't be able to play 4th ed or 3.5 dnd. My Malifaux first ed cards would probably burst into flames as well. Your 8th ed Army books, End Times books and rules for all of your models will still be there and playable.
      Tl;dr game editions aren't mutually exclusive

  5. So isabella in a normal daemons of chaos book cant join a unit? Or she suffers wounds and the unit takes daemonic instability? i like that she can effectively join daemon in legion. as an undead player myself, i prefer daemons with unstable.
    Might just have to make a bunch of fantasy nurgle units for this

  6. Hahahahahahaha! They better have a new rule set out within a month or they will loose half their player.

  7. Gw is like ur last girl u dumped...she never listened to you but was a great bang but now she wants back in and move in with you and have u spend money on her. They never listened so we don't need no water...let the ............ burn!

  8. It's just a re start, probably wont even make that much difference.


  9. Just guessing here:

    1) Sigmar makes a new world
    2) Archaon follows him: chaos spreads
    3)Grimgor's head is on archaons' belt: Greenskins spread
    4) Malekith crawls through the portal with alarielle; ultra- elves spread

    and it goes from their

  10. New fantasy army composition is basically 40k unbound