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Skitarii Hints for Next Week: and More from White Dwarf

More is coming next week, and one of the hints obviously points towards the Onager Dunecrawler, which is a very likely candidate for pre-orders next Friday. What else it means?, I'm not quite sure, but hopefully we will see two more kit releases for the Skitarii.

Please remember that these are rumors until verified by leaks or official announcements. Both of these bits come from Warseer forums from two people with the White Dwarf in hand.

via memoireMX 
Btw next week will be.....
weapons of skitarii
what is waiting in the dunes"

via Archibald_TK
in the WD they talk a little of the other Mechanicum factions that sometime fight alongside the Skiitari, they cite by name the Titan Legions, the Decurio Ordinatus and the robots of the Legio Cybernetica.

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  1. WD says:
    What lurks in the Dunes?
    Armoury of the Skitarii
    A Tide of Daemons

    Also, the pricing is out...10 Rangers/Vanguard for $39 US...1 (ONE) Walker for...$49 US. Woof.

    1. So about what one would expect.

    2. The hell.... the walker is 49 dollars. In europe, comparing the cost to the current dollar value... the walker is 36 dollars.

      That's apalling.

    3. i sure would love to pay $49 or $36 dollars but since i am to pay around $60-$70 i have to deal with it.

      not that i am complaining. but it does give a bit of a eye opener. where i live we are paying almost double what you are. so $49/$36 is not Appalling. not in the least.

  2. Huh, so the Legio Cybernetica is back and kicking.

    1. yep, so we definitely know that Imperial Armour:Legio Cybernetica is coming some time in the future...

  3. I'm going to hazard a guess that Skitarii are Gamesworkshops entry point for Forgeworld being on the main website.

    1. i think itd be weird to have forgeworld on the gw website after all the effort they seem to be going to to make the entire range plastic

    2. We've already seen the redirects and the other links pop up from time to time. I think its only a matter of time until Gamesworkshop consolidate everything into one place.

    3. It's continually puzzling why people seem to think that GW is in a rush to move a specialty item, high labour, lengthy production time, high error rate product like Forge World to their main sales channel?

      They can barely keep up with the demand now and yet they're going to make a massive promotion push for it on their main page(s)?

      Hell, they can't even keep PLASTIC Necron Tomb Blades and Immortals in stock!

      It makes zero business sense to promote a product that is hard to make available for the consumer.

      Well...then again...this is modern GW mgmt. we're talking about. :/

    4. lol they can keep them in stock in the UK, but it just takes time to ship worldwide. Pretty much every store in UK has immortals and tomb blades on the shelves...

      They did move almost all the range except some character models to plastic instead of resin. That means that they can use the space or even equipment finecast used to make FW resin (although it's not totally the same, but they would have more people from finecast and more production space available to support more forgeworld works). That may enable forgeworld to meet the higher demand they will get when they are available to be ordered from GW main page...

      Just a theory but if that were to be true it would be awesome

    5. Well, in the past at least, the production process for FW resin was entirely different from that used for metal, plastic or even finecast so the skills don't exactly translate.

      And there have been A LOT of production staff joining the ex-gw staffers group lately so I don't think they'll be using those personnel.

      It's more likely that IF they do pursue an increase in FW production that they'll farm it out to China.

      GW has always been extremely hesitant to employ foreign production avenues, what with the difficulty in enforcing IP laws in the very lax Chinese sphere, but with nearly all printing being done in China now that might have changed?

      There were those odd Elysian and Krieg models on sprues witnessed the past year or two so perhaps they've been experimenting with new FW resin mass casting methods. There's also the possibility that they may have been auditioning Chinese production companies.

      Just from experience, in the past with the supply chain problems there is NO WAY GW would even be contemplating pushing Forge World more, let alone selling it through their shops.

      It's a new beasty now though so I guess we'll just have to see.

    6. I agree that gw will probably need a supply fix first,but if you are gonna put FORGEWORLD don the website,a mechanicum based army is certainly the time to do it =P

    7. I agree that gw will probably need a supply fix first,but if you are gonna put FORGEWORLD don the website,a mechanicum based army is certainly the time to do it =P