The random drawing is done now, and we have our winners. The contest was for 4 Lion Rider models (1 model for each winner), .......... and a grand prize winner that wins an entire Siberias Lion Rider pack. That's 5 winners in total.

Its time to announce our winners, and make sure that  you head on over to check in on the last 4 days of the Shield Wolf Miniatures Kickstarter. The link to the kickstarter is,

The Winners Are.............
Here are the winners of the 4 Lion Riders (1 model for each winner)
Grant Milne
Master Manipulator (every store needs one)
Craig Drake

And for the Finale Grand Prize Winner, a Siberias Lion Rider Pack.

All winners please email me, so that I can verify email with the winning comments. and get your information forwarded to Shieldwolf Miniatures.

Also I really want to thank the guys at Shieldwolf Miniatures for being generous enough to do this giveaway. Behind the scenes, they upgraded this Giveaway from its original scope to include a full Siberias Lion Rider Pack. From my own personal experience with them, they are good people, and they did not have to go the extra mile for the Grand Prize, but did so, because it would be a lot more fun for the readers here.

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