It was a big week, literally, as the new Bloodthirster from Games Workshop hit the stores, and the last End Times book went up for Pre-Orders. There was a lot more though, and its time to take a long look at the rumors and news that took place this week.

New This Week
Games Workshop
New Pre-Orders
Warhammer: Archaon (Hardback) $85
Khorne Wrathmongers/Khorne Skullreapers  $57
Warhammer: Archaon (Interactive Edition) $69.99
Warhammer: Archaon (eBook) $50.99

Warhammer: Archaon (Limited Edition) $250
Khorne Wrathmongers/Skullreapers Web Bundle $114

Solar Auxilia Charonite Squad £65.00

Dropzone Commander
New Pre-Orders
UCM Phoenix Command Gunship £30.00
Scourge Oppressor £18.50
PHR Nemesis Command Walker £25.00
Shaltari Gharial Command Grav Tank £12.00
Resistance NT-5 Thunderstorm Custom £40.00

News and Rumors This Week

Games Workshop
via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
There are 4 key release dates and even showed me the calendar with "red releases" for this
year. The first of which is coming in the first week of may. He also lead me to believe there would be heresy campaign in stores.

May 1st - heresy
May 8th - heresy

June 5th - ???
July 10th - WFB

Warhammer Fantasy
via Voices on the Wind posted by BigRed on the Bols Lounge
- Modular Terrain is Coming to WFB
- Similar in concept to the recent 40K interlinking modular terrain system, but Fantasy themed.
- To be released with WFB 9th, or shortly thereafter.
- Designed to to support the skirmish game.
- Look for aesthetic and stylistic cues taken from pieces such at the current WFB Watchtower and Chapel

Faeit 212 Community News

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