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Celene was beautiful, in every way Faeit could imagine. She was smart, fierce, and dedicated to the Ordo Hereticus. He had met her on Volscar Prime, dark hair flying wildly behind her, as she performed a lethal street dance with twin las pistols ablaze. She was venom and fire, and had killed 5 gangers within a few breaths. Feait could feel her fire within his every heart beat. He had taken her from Volscar and appointed her an acolyte of the Ordo Hereticus.

The black smoke filled the air with sounds of bolter rounds striking the fuselage. Abruptly Faeit woke from his momentary stupor. The Templar were emerging from the ruins, firing in his direction. They had grounded and isolated their prey. The psyker they were here to kill, was in their sights and with single minded determination, the Templar drew their blades. 

Feait felt the anger rise as the psychic energy within him swelled. Under a hail of bolter fire Faeit and his men forged ahead to meet the templar, firing bursts of plasma rounds into the advancing ceramite warriors. Even though several of marines fell to plasma blasts, Feait’s unit was immediately cut to shreds by incoming fire from all directions.

Charging through frantic laser fire, the champion gripped his sword fervently. The rogue Inquisitor was within his sights, and it was times like this that he could feel the Emperor’s fury. The inquisitor’s men were cut down, leaving only one other, a woman, and the Inquisitor himself. He saw the inquisitor take a sideways glance as his men fell, and the champion raised his bolt pistol in mid stride to take a perfectly timed shot into the exposed gap beneath the heretics helm.

The bolt round exploded into the side of Faeit’s neck and face, removing a great deal of it. His visor was covered with his own blood, and his head rolled back.

She was there; and it was her alone that held him upright as several more rounds from the champion's squad struck Faeit’s powered armor.

His vision was clouded with his own blood, and it ran down his throat in volumes. He could feel his body failing him, as it convulsed and gagged on its own fluids. His own mind was lost, floating towards oblivion. It was here, that he could see the far off light of mankind, the Emperor. Faeit reached out and grabbed it, focusing oblivion into a turbulent maelstrom of energy.

He pushed Celene backwards and threw down his helm to stand amidst ricocheting rounds. The Templar were on top of him, swords readied to bring death to their enemy.

Faeit’s voice rose rasping with blood “Ignorance of the Emperor’s will is no excuse, To stand against me is to stand against him! Witness your Judgment at the hand of the Emperor! “

The release of energy brought calm to the storm brewing inside. He stood on his own, empowered with clear vision.

The Champion that had stood tall, shielded his face, and was suddenly and ultimately brought down. His determination shattered, his will broke by the blinding light that illuminated nothing but eternal damnation upon those that stood before the holy light of the inquisitor.

The world simultaneously broke into anarchy. The ground shook with tremendous force, and exploded. Stone rained down in the explosions aftermath, as all around heavy cannon fire ripped through the ruins. A psychic choir screamed across the battlefield, and the Righteous Black Templar withdrew from the plaza ruins, leaving a trail of the fallen in their wake.

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