Get ready becuase the tabletop will never be the same again. The Dark Eldar are here, and they will change our game once again. Please note, that every new codex we get changes the game, but this is the way of 5th edition and I love it. Everyone will freak out, everyone will cry and whine. Armies will adjust, and our beloved game will contine and grow.

'Tonight is Devilnacht, the darkest hour of the century when all the moons block the light of our star.'

This army will be the fastest and most lethal army to date. It also will crumble, and fail as many generals take the field without the guise and skill needed to play such a vulnerable army. But that is the lure of the Dark Eldar. Evil, Sadistic, to its very core. They are worse than any nightmare that could be imagined.

'Eyes without life, maggot-ridden corpses, mountains of skulls. These are some of my favorite things"

From a players perspective, the dark eldar have all the dreams you could want. The most lethal assault units in the game, followed up with the lightning quick speed, and tremendous firepower. This lethality is however dampered. Armchair generals will love talking about this army that can wipe any army clean off the table. Reality will be that those are the ones that will fail when the battle comes calling. The Dark Eldar are indeed fast and powerful, but they are not a hammer, they are not a rock. Instead they are a fine crafted blade, that must be wielded with precision and guile. One wrong strike, the blade breaks, your battle over as fiercely as it began.

'You must learn how to excercise power. You must know how to deal with teh silent Incubi, the shadowy Mandrakes, the gifted Haemonculi, even the battle-crazed Wyches and the mindless Grotesques. And you will learn these things. I assure you. Let us hope you are more successful than your predecessor.'

Online reviews so far have been all over the board. From Cheezy, to this army will get blown off the table. This is what I expect from dark eldar. Strong lists will not come this early, they will simply be tests or ideas thrown out for everyone to think about. This codex will be one that will need to be studied and analyzed. There is so much new things to our standard 40k table top, that the reprecussions will not be fully understood for several months. Some of my favorite ideas thus far come in the ways of Webway Portals, Haemonculi, Controlling your reserves and deepstriking hard, and of course Vect with his seize the inititive on a 4+.

"You are doomed, DOOMED I tell you! For tonight we will feast on your very souls!"

New weapons, new units with new tactics. There is alot to digest once you've scanned the codex and it will take more than that to really master the Dark Eldar. Lists are very premature at this moment, and I wont be putting together any. There appears to be many possible builds in this codex, and I think we are very far from seeing what the strongest will yield.

Make no mistake though, the Dark Eldar will change the battlefield. Tournament lists meant to deal with marines both blood and wolf, tyranids, and IG armies, will now have to deal with a very different and unique army type.

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