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Aboard the Imperial Retribution class battleship "Emperor's Blade"
Admiral Silva's personal command station 6990999.M41

     "Astropathic message arriving admiral, it is priority Alpha"

     Admiral Silva turned to his second, "Inform the captain of protocol Silva-21A, I want this room sealed immediately"

     The admiral was a broad chested imposing man. Although his uniform supported numerous medals of victorious battles and command, it was his voice that boomed with authority. Bridge officers and crew alike, scrambled in haste at his command, and within moments he was alone.

     Admiral Silva turned towards the two astropaths standing in their alcove. They stood supported by wires and metal tubes that gave them life and focus. The flashing lights of the alcove flickered, as the primary lights to the command bridge were extinguished, only to be brought back online as back up power was restored. The containment field came on, causing the floor beneath the admiral's feet to vibrate with an audible hum.  Air circulation, power, and communications were now all localized within the containment field surrounding the Admiral's command bridge.

     The admiral looked across the room at the two remaining dark robed figures. They stood silently, their frail and blind bodies here held in place by steel brackets within the alcove. They hung there limp, their only purpose to receive and deliver and transmissions through the warp. The message he was waiting for, would be only one of two things.

     "I will be quick and painless, as much as I am able old friend", the admiral thought about the commander, Commander Kireg and his officers. He knew them all personally, for the imperial battlecruiser "Crusade" had been taken from his command less than a year ago by a dangerous, and immeasurably ambitious man of the Ordo Hereticus, Inquisitor Lord Faeit. Now his orders were to destroy the ship, and everyone on board. He simply awaited the order through astropaths message. He sat down, resting his elbows atop the sector display and waited.

     "Receiving message, priority Alpha", the astropaths replied in unison.

     It was only one of the astropaths that began to relay the message. Admiral Silva looked up from the display thinking about the silent astropath but for a moment. "Admiral Silva, of the Battleforce Hydra........" The lone astropath's voice continued on, his monotone dull voice drowned out by the flashing lights and warning sirens.

     The admiral was staring directly at the silent astropath as the massive demon erupted through the flesh of the fragile body, throwing its head and neck violently backwards as its chest exploded outwards.

     It took the enormous beast a moment to stretch and flex its great body. When its vision cleared, it looked down upon the dwarf sized human, as bright plasma shots tore into the demons flesh. Enraged, the demon grabbed the man's arm in one talon and it's body in the other. A quick pull ripped the offending arm off, disarming the man. One last plasma shot ripped into the chest of the demon as it tore the mans arm off, and both man and demon staggered backwards.

     Sounds of lasfire could be heard outside the sealed doors to the command chamber. Both demon and man stood facing each other. The demons rage overwhelmed everything within it, its muscled rippled, its talons flexed. It took two slow steps towards the one armed admiral, who struggled to stand defiantly against the beast. As admiral staggered and fell to a knee, the demon grabbed him, and with it's inhuman strength, broke the mans body, his spine snapping a single sickening crack.

     The demon turned towards the chambers door, and casually threw the dead mans body to the side. Within moments the demon had ripped open the floor panels, and the containment field failed.

     A frantic battle took place as the demon left the admirals chambers and headed in the direction of the captains bridge. Las-shots followed by screams were heard in the demons wake. Back in the admiral's chamber, the sector display suddenly lit up, flashing a swarm of contacts, the fleet was under a heavy attack.

     Meanwhile, the surviving astropath, still locked in its trance, continued to repeat its lone message. "This is Inquisitor Mysorquel, rendezvous at 1200 hours to the assigned position, and commence the attack, show no mercy, repeat, show no mercy."

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