Someone's Nicely converted Venom.
Here we have this wonderful new transport loaded with two splinter cannons, and all I keep hearing from people is to throw wracks on them, or take wracks and keep the wracks in the backfield for objective holding. Now I while I dont think this is a horrible idea, it does kind of defeat the point for me. Remember that dark eldar cannot take a dedicated transport unless the troops can actually fit on the transport. So no taking 10 wracks and giving them a Venom that can only hold 5. Yes, you can take 5 wracks attach an Independent character to them for the Pain Token, and then detach round one etc.

Wracks are a great new unit to have as a troop choice. They can get up to two excellent weapons, liquefiers. S4 APd6 template weapons. To me this means get them up into the field where they can use these. Other than that they dont have a gun. Once again, get them up into the field to use them. Letting them sit in the backfield to just sit is a waste of points. So are wracks good on a venom? Not unless you really are moving them forward on the thing and 5 wracks are just not enough in my opinion. They are cheap though.

Wyches or Bloodbrides? I wont spend much time on this one. Like the old codex, I generally dont beleive wyches work well in tiny units of 5. 10+ and your good. So no venom for them in my books. A wych army list however might have spare units available, or if you are using them for haywire rd1 assaults.

Incubi? Possibly if you only want 5. Some of us might be going with this option.

If anyone knows where its from, post, Id like to credit
Trueborn? Here is a good idea. It however makes your venom and its crew a serious target. With only 5 trueborn flying on an open top Av10 vehicle, you are going to lose them. If you can accept that, then take em.

Warriors. Here we go. With 5 warriors we can still take a blaster. Then we upgrade one of the warrior to a sybarite, take a blast pistol, and we are good. Against most opponents this reduces their target priority, and you still get two S8 AP2 weapons to do some damage. This seems to be the best layout for getting your venom transport. As long as you take other more durable troop selections and only 1 or 2 warriors choices with the venom. I will be taking two units like this, it gives you good striking range with tank bustin weaponry and great anti-infantry from the venom.

Other suggestions or opinions on how to field the Venom?


  1. My main concern is that the Venoms are going to be stunned/shaken a lot of the time (since you don't have to commit much firepower to do that, 5 rapidfiring bolters will do the job). So the guys inside will have to disembark in order to shoot which means they will be dead meat on the next turn. How about putting a squad with a heavy weapon inside and keeping the Venom at a distance (away from small firearms reach) without moving it. This way your opponent will be forced to shoot it with his heavy weapons so his shots will be split between your venoms/raiders/ravagers and there is going to be more target saturation.

  2. There are not many places you can get 5 guys and a heavy weapon. Without my coffee, I can only think of Trueborn. Personally I think if you are going that route you would be better off not being inside the transport but rather in some cover and keeping the Venom in near its 36" shooting range.

  3. Now Ive had some coffee. Besides what I already said about Venom Transports and 5 guys, one of the greatest advantages of Dark Eldar is being able to move your vehicles 12" and fire. Every vehicle can do this. It gives you great flexibility on the battlefield, getting around to side armor shots, units hidden behind things etc.

    I beleive that trying to set up vehicle bunkers in Av10 open top vehicles is not the best way to go. It can be done, and you are slightly more protected than you would be if you were standing out in the open. You do however hamstring yourself.

    Something shooting at you is going to get you regardless. I want to hit hard and fast. Not sit and shoot. Move that venom forward to within 18" or closer is they are charging you, and drop those guys off into cover to fire their weapons.

    Dont forget you cannot fire out of a vehicle if its moved over 6". The only vehicle really limited to this kind of movement is the Dais of Destruction. This could be your armored bunker.


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