Well, it was time. I knew I had to do it, but I've been avoiding it. I needed a count of what I actually own in my Dark Eldar Inventory since I plan on converting the new and the old, to really customize my dark eldar.

First off, they are in worse shape that I had hoped. A lot of broken models. A ton of bits. A raider not even with the shrink wrap broken from about 10 years ago, and sprues of unmade Dark Eldar. Several moves, getting married, having kids, and only trying to focus my collection towards my Imperial Guard has left what was once my primary army, a complete disaster.
I also ended up with a small 2500-3000 point Blood Angel army, but thats pretty small compared to my Imperial Guard and Dark Eldar.

No reason to post pics on my old fliers that will be converted into Venoms, or any custom jetbikes. Here is just the over-all tally. Consider any pics to be my new "Before" pics. Someday a few keen "After" pics should make a nice comparison.

Here is what I currently have.
110 Kabalite Warriors. Basic troops, no special weaponry, cept a couple sybarites in it.
10 Kabalite Warriors with Blasters
10 Kabalite Warriors with Dark Lances
6 Kabalite Warriors with Splinter Cannons. (I have more of these, just not put together. approx 6-10 more
10 Raiders with Dark Lances (one of which is still in it's original shrink wrap from 10 years ago or so)
3 Ravagers ( I also have tons of Disintegrators that I had purchased seperately)
2 Venoms (my old fliers)
3 Haemonculi (in various conditions)
3 Archons (one was a custom Asdrubael Vect before such a model existed)
12 1/2 Incubi
13 Wyches with at least one of each custom wych weapon they had back then
5 Warp Beasts
30 Mandrakes ( I will be customizing these somehow into wyches, since they now look more like them than they do mandrakes. Did I mention mandrakes kind of suck?)
3 Talos
10 Wracks (these are old Grotesques. I also have lots of zombie and flagellents not being used so that I can make maybe 20 more)
14 Scourges 8 with splinter cannons, 4 with Dark Lances, 2 Solarites. Wow, no standard weapons on these.
15 Reavers I think there are a total of 6 blasters for these.
2 Hellions (guess I will probably customize these into Beastmasters)
1 Drazhar Master of Blades
1 Lilith
1 Urien Rakarth
Tons and tons of bits and parts of models, including some weird skyboard I ended up from somewhere.

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