I am going to blame the Internet for this fail. We have been hearing that Dark Lance spam lists are gone by the way of the dinosaur. I had assumed this was the case. Once again I believed in the Internets ability to see something very simple. The truth is darklight spam is not only here, it is much nastier than before.

I do alot of what I call "List Building Exercises". No I am not doing pull ups (maybe I should be). Instead I am working on finding the boundaries of what can be done with a codex. That being said, I attempted my first Dark Eldar exercises. The sad part is that it took me about 5 minutes to find this list once I sat down to do it.

Curse me, call me names. This is how you do 24 Dark Lances in 1245 pts. I was able to get 30 lances at 1665 pts.

The Base. (24 lances for 1245) You will need to build on top of this base to make your list.
3x Kabalite Trueborn (5) with 2 Dark Lances and Raider = 170 each
total lances = 9
Fast Attack
3x Scourges (5) with 2 Dark Lances = 140 pts
total lances = 6
Heavy Support
3x Ravager with 3 dark lances = 105 each
total lances = 9
Totals are 1245 pts and 24 Dark Lances

Now simply add in what you want. Personally I wouldn't go this direction but we must take the exercise to the logical conclusion, so lets add warriors with raiders.
6x Warriors (10) with 1 Dark Lance and Raider = 175pts
total lances = 12

This gives us 2295 pts and 36 Dark Lances. It also gives us 9 Raiders and 3 Ravagers with 90 infantry. Look familiar?

Another options is full 10 man scourge units. Here you get 30 lances for 1665. Then you need troops etc.

One thing to remember is that there is alot you can do with this. You don't have to add more lances than the base. You can then add in the Baron, and take massive Hellion troops, or Haemonculi and wrack troops w/raiders or venoms. Even going the wych route with the base firepower behind you would make an interesting list. Oh yea, you can even take Asdrubael Vect and Baron Sathonyx for a +1 to your deployment and a 4+ seize the initiative, there is that many points left over after the base.

This gives you a good understanding on what you can do with lances. It is not a very playable list yet. It's just the first step in figuring out how the new codex will work.



  1. Yep. I think the net was building lists with twenty hellions, thirty wyches, incubi and then complaining that they didn't have points left over for a ton of lances. If you want lances, start with lances and then go from there!

  2. 24 dark lances don't really scare me. 24 shots, 16 hits, 2-3 pens (AV12 in IG plus any cover saves I may get) that like 1-2 destroyed vehicles every turn. On the other hand even my multi-lasers pose a great threat to DE vehicles and if we start counting meltas, hydras, autocannons, ordnance, lascannons then he is in serious trouble.

  3. It's not that 24 lances are scary, its that it can be done for so few points. Breaking down to about 50pts per lance.

    The new dark eldar will give IG a run for it's money, but not on a brunt gun to gun gunfight.

  4. It all depends how he is going to play. I think having a dlance heavy army with a lot of vehicles will require a very good first turn. Luckily for DE with Vect and the other SC who gives +1 for 1st turn roll they have a very good chance of doing so. If they can split their fire and try to stun lock most of my vehicles and destroy some then they got a good chance of staying on the table and continuing doing some damage. But I think they will lose an attrition war against IG or mech heavy SM.
    You think deep striking the vehicles could be a good alternative to trying and get an Alpha Strike?

  5. I tend not to play reserves/outflank/deepstrike unless you have some control over it. Dark Eldar dont really have that control, but they do have some interesting options.

    The aerial assault rules might just give the edge to reserve or deepstrike a couple ravenwings or voidravens. Not to mention that warp portals are another fantastic means to come in late and hit objectives hard.

    I think Dark Eldar have options, if their lists are designed around them.


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