Ive got enough of these going that it was time to post a single location that you can quickly link up to the rest of them. Nothing I hate worse than trying to go clumsily navigating through windows looking for information.

I am slowly moving through each unit in the codex. This is an exploration of what is in there, and I often come to new revelations and insight as I am writing about each unit. Understanding and playing a new codex that is so far off from our standard type (new guns wargear etc never seen), takes time.

For instance, before the post I had on Razorwing Jetfighters, I believed the missiles were the only purpose of these vehicles. I am now really digging on the idea that the razorwing is extremely good for its points. Equipped with its 4 missiles it gets alot of large templates, but it also can have its other weapons exchanged for a splinter cannon and two disintegrators. This turns it into an infantry killing machine. 12 shots, 6 of which are S5 AP2. It is like a venom on steroids after it loses it's passengers (the missiles are a razorwings passengers). I think we will see lots of people using these in the near future. (I have updated the old post).

Kabalite Trueborn
Hekatrix Bloodbrides
Drazhar - Master of Blades
Venom Transports
Razorwing Jetfighters
Voidraven Bombers

Faeit 212 Community News

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