A new series of books coming? You bet. These look interesting and im certain will keep us busy for the next many months as they are released.

The Emperor’s Tarot offers sombre portents of things to come. The Arks of Omen are nigh. Dredged from interstellar darkness by unknown machinations, these titanic vessels herald upheaval for the galaxy – kicking off the next big narrative arc for Warhammer 40,000.

This groundbreaking series follows an unfolding story across a series of books packed with lore and game rules – and we’ve caught sight of the first three.

Each book is named for the character it stars – with two names you’ll definitely recognise, and one new player in the ranks of Chaos – and follows a dark crusade against the Imperium as the galaxy slips deeper into madness. Abaddon’s balefleets have set out to recover mysterious artefacts from all corners of the Imperium, and whatever he’s planning can’t be good news. 
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