Prepare all Guard players, these are certain to help you hit the ground running. 

via WarCom

Instead of constraining you to a single specific regiment, the new codex has you mix and match tactics to create your favourite flavour of Guardsmen. All you need to do is choose a pair of Regimental Doctrines to dictate how they fight. These doctrines represent traits like superior artillery skills, high-quality armour, impressive discipline amongst the ranks, or experience in guerilla warfare. 


 There are 15 doctrines making 93 different combinations, allowing you to build an iconic regiment from the lore, or cook up a custom force with its own history and home world.


Some Regimental Doctrines grant unique keywords, like EXPERT BOMBARDIERS or VETERAN GUERILLAS. These specialists are even better at employing powerful Stratagems that mirror classic fighting styles, such as the trap-setting proclivities of the Catachan Jungle Fighters or the flagrant disregard for subordinate safety displayed by Valhalla’s hard-nosed commanders.

In fact, ordering your troops around is easier than ever before – if every model in your army has the ASTRA MILITARUM keyword,** your OFFICERS can make use of the Regimental Tactics ability to spread their directives around multiple units at once, and keep the massed forces of the Astra Militarum fighting at peak efficiency.


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