The Reductus Saboteur is revealed today coming to Shadow Throne this weekend. Setting up explosives and using infiltration to get in where you need them. It will be interesting to see more rules on this one since not as much was revealed today. 

Reductus Saboteur is also an expert infiltrator, silently navigating tunnels, and scaling towering buildings to plant their lethal payloads. Indeed, they’re responsible for taking out the military assets and sacred symbols of their oppressors when the cult reveals itself – a symbolic gesture that the time for the long-awaited uprising has come.

Warhammer 40,000: Shadow Throne is up for pre-order on Saturday, so secure your copy this weekend and it won’t be long before you add the explosive skills of a Reductus Saboteur to your Genestealer Cults army. We’ve even included the points value of the Reductus Saboteur so you can start using this demolitions expert in your matched play games right away. - WarCom


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