You heard that right, January's release from Archvillain Games will be the 2nd Demons release, Tome of Demons Vol II. 

Archvillain Games

Starting the new year with a GARGANTUAN host of...Undead Demons!

Here comes the sequel to the Tome of Demons Vol. I, prepare for Tome of Demons Vol. II !

What you get - all presupported!
Orcus - 250mm base - 1 pose
Adramal - Seneschal of Orcus - 150mm base - 1 pose
Bane demons - 50mm base - 4 poses
Bloodhorn Riders -  50mm base - 4 poses
Demonskulls - 25mm base - 4 poses
Demonwraiths - 25mm base- 4 poses
Bodach - 25mm base- 4 poses
Adramal - Seneschal of Orcus - Bust
Archvillain Society Vol. VII

Ariel the Holy - 25mm base
Ameliodas the Sonorous - 25mm base
Alehdaymon the Avenger - 25mm base

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