A new naming system for Adeptus Custodes for Crusade Games is meant to drive more story into your forces. See below just how your Adeptus Custodes will earn their names and what bonuses that will bring them.

via WarCom

With three codexes on the way in early 2022, and the Advent Engine in full flow, it’s as if our prayers to the Emperor have been heard, and answered.

It turns out it’s via requisition points.* As some Custodes have lists of names easily over 100 long, they must have been crusading for a long time. And what’s in a name? Benefits that you can choose each time you claim this requisition to add a new one.

If you’re stumped for a name, you can use the generator in the codex, which has a whopping 144 names you can mix and match – 72 for your Custodes and 72 for your Sisters of SIlence.

To earn this new nomenclature, you’re going to need to undertake plenty of Crusade missions, which is where the Magisterium Lex Ultima comes in.

Custodes bow to no word in the Imperium save that of the Emperor himself.** Under this unquestionable jurisdiction, they can pursue imperatives as they see fit. If your army is led by a Shield Captain, or Trajann Valoris himself, you can choose to commence an Endeavour, which consists of picking three Imperatives and pursuing them in order.***

These Imperatives challenge you to fulfil certain conditions and reward you with various bonuses. You’ll need to complete all of the Imperatives within an Endeavour to claim its rewards, but they’re worth it.

You must complete all your Endeavours within nine games of claiming Magisterium Lex Ultima. If you fail, you will be forced to select a Dishonour, the Custodes equivalent of being told your eyes are too big for your tummy. One example is Petition the Tower of Hegemon.

No requisition points means no extra names, which is mighty punishing for these big shiny boys.

Pick up Shadow Throne today to put together a strong core of Custodes and Sisters of Silence in preparation for Codex: Adeptus Custodes, which is available early next year and is packed full of Battle Traits and Crusade Relics.


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