January is looking good, check out the what is coming next month from the Makers Cult.

The Makers Cult

For January we've got some great minis coming down the pipeline:

Tempest Legion V3 - Ranged Pack 1             Garin
TL/BK - Clypeus Assault Transport                Garin
TL/BK - Taurus Multirole Skimmer                  Garin
The Cursed Dimension Sampler                       Edge Miniatures
TBA                                                                              Polygon Masterworks
Dark Techno - Chief of Protocol                       Seb
Iron Hive - Oppressorax                                       Seb
All Purpose Service Crew                                    Brexitt
Feudal Guard - Battle Priest                                Brexitt
Valour Korps - Field Priest                                   Brexitt

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