Wild West Exodus: Unfinished Business is a kickstarter from Outlaw Miniatures that has a very creative miniature line, and interesting looking game. Their kickstarter was up for a single day starting yesterday, and is already funded (in a single day), and now continues to push forward through their stretch goals.

They are pushing their game forward with this already successful kickstarter, and unfinished business looks like it will be a solid release. Check out the new kickstarter at

To get yourself familiarized with what Wild West Exodus is, check out the following video.

via Outlaw Miniatures
Wild West Exodus is a Sci-Fi Wild West Miniatures Game set in an alternate history wild west. Strange technologies corrupt the land and death lurks at every corner. RJ-1027, the infamous power source created by Dr. Burson Carpathian is the catalyst behind the constantly escalating arms race between the factions that make up Wild West Exodus.

In 2012 Wild West Exodus entered the Miniature Wargaming industry with a successful Kickstarter of the initial game. We released 5 factions during that campaign. The Outlaws, The Lawmen, The Warrior Nation, The Enlightened and The Union all came to life because of our first successful kickstarter.

Soon after the first kickstarter was finished and products shipped we took on the challenge of releasing our first none kickstarter funded faction called the Holy Order Of Man.

We quickly realized that taking on a whole new faction requires a large investment of company funds. This slowed the new releases for the Holy Order of Man and showed us what type of time table an entire new faction would require.

Since that time many of our dedicated fans and former kickstarter backers have asked about the remaining 4 factions hinted at during the first kickstarter and in our 5 novels released since.

The honest truth is that it would take us 4 or 5 years to release the remaining four factions in our amazing world of Wild West Exodus.

This is the reason for our second kickstarter. We want to get these miniatures and factions to our customers and fans as quickly as possible. We feel that with a successful kickstarter campaign we can produce and ship all of the unlocked stretch goals in 12 months or less.

Please help us fund this venture and let's bring these four remaining factions to life. Amazing characters and deadly creatures await their unveiling.

Notice: All miniatures come unpainted and some assembly required.

Also check out our official forum at http://www.wildwestexodusforum.com/ or our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/WildWestExodus

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