Its a horribly secret release week, as I have been digging all last night and today to figure out what is on the release schedule for Friday/Saturday. So with all the questions and digging, the only the response so far has been that we will see the Khorne Wrathmongers this week, and a hardback; Lord of the Endtimes. However, its likely that it's just a novel.

Please remember that these are rumors. From a great source who is has time and time again been on it for the following week's releases.

The image above was releaesd by Games Workshop through a video release. The guys at the very sides of Archaon's horse with the red skin are Wrathmongers.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
After the bloodthirster it's Khorne Wrathmongers and End Times: Lord of the Endtimes. I do not know if this is the next endtimes book, or just a novel though. Only info I have is it's Hardback.

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