Sisters of Battle has long been the army that seems left out in the cold, with most of its model range dating way back to 1997. Of course the White Dwarf codex approach has also given collectors and players a sense of being forgotten for all these years.

The Adepta Sororitas, or Sisters of Battle as I still refer to them, have a strong community of supporters and collectors. They have put together a small campaign to say to GW, that we are still here, and a release has a lot of customers that are just sitting and waiting.

So whether or not you collect Sisters of Battle, or think that this kind of campaign gets noticed or not, any push for them to get a future release is a positive one in my book.

Here are some of the details from Antony on the campaign.

via BlackTalos (Antony)
The idea here is to get most players who collect Adepta Sororitas armies to purchase a single model in order to show our support for GW, and entice them to update their Battle Sisters range. 
The plan is very simple, and will simply work on the spread in Social media and gaming groups. 

It might have no effect, or it might force GW's hand in SoB releases, we don't know... But it's pocket change for many of us and a model with a lot of use for players of this faction.

Some more links to the event:
On the 4th of March 2015, i would kindly ask that you purchase THIS MODELYou may select an alternative, such as THIS or THISThe most important thing is to try and do this as close as you can to a selected time: 8am PST 10am CST 11am EST for the US 4pm GMT in the UK 5pm CET for most of Europe Or the equivalent time in your time zone.
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