You heard that right, a 7th edition box set is coming for pre-orders, and has been seen in White Dwarf issue 24. That gives us pre-orders starting this coming weekend!

So who is it?......... Space Wolves vs Orks. Literally confirming that Space Wolves will be our next 40k codex. Looks like we will be getting our 7th edition mini dexes very soon. It makes sense with Dark Vengeance going away.

please remember that these are still rumors from someone that has seen the white dwarf for next week. Until we get more official information or videos on Monday these must remain as rumors.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
White Dwarf issue 24 has a Space Wolves vs Orks box set in it. 
The cover has Space Wolves on it, and the exact quotations are Space Wolves vs Orks Boxed Set: Stormclaw.

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