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Announcing Dark Age Fanaticism: The Saints Will Be Eclipsed

Dark Age is a fantastic skirmish game, and I've said this before, it is a diamond in the rough of tabletop wargames. Now, Dark Age Miniatures is announcing their new expansion book, Fanaticism, that will be available at Gencon 2014 next month. Not only that but there is just a ton of new artwork and sculpts that are out, and Dark Age really is going crazy.

Here is the cover of the new expansion book, and some extra images that have just been released. Of course the latest information for Dark Age is often seen on their facebook page.

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  1. That's it, I'll start playing this game.

    1. I agree, and want that model. Ive got even more information about Dark Age at GenCon. Coming up a little later.

    2. So, Natfka, why is it so good? If I had to pick one game, a skirmish one, besides 40k. Is that it? I'm undecided between this and Infinity.

    3. I am not as familiar with Infinity right now, but that may be changing.

      I have really enjoyed my games of Dark Age. The games is quick and fun to play. I like he use of action points in moving forward, cutting down one opponent, moving forward and cutting down another.

      Other actions like jump kicking someone off the ledge or back into the wall behind them have made some very memorable games.

      I have written over the past year several articles on my impressions on the game, which would be lengthy to reproduce here.

      here are some links.

      Battle Report

      I also really like the artwork of Brom, and many of the models are inspired by him.

      i do not get as many games in of Dark Age as I would like. I do have two factions, and a couple people I know have some of the as well. So I do get games in. The last one was with the Prodigal Player demoing the game a few months back. We were able to get a few games in.