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Faeit's Tarot: Space Wolves, Codex, and Much More.

This week has been mostly about the new surprise release of the Stormfang and Stormwolf flyers for Space Wolves, but a lot else has been happening. Check Out what is new this week, rumors, news, and other information.

New This Week
Games Workshop
Space Wolves Armoured Assault $735
Stormwolf Squadron $162
Stormwolf and Wolf Guard Terminators $131
Stormwolf/Stormfang Gunship Dual Kit $81

Imperial Armour Volume Four- The Anphelion Project Second Edition £36.00

News and Rumors This Week
Here is your review of the latest news and rumors this week in the hobby of Tabletop Miniature Wargaming. While Space Wolves getting a new flyer, and rumors of how the release will work out have been on the top of the news, we are looking at the codex next week! This is great news, even though we were told this by one of our long and dedicated sources, its great to get confirmations.

Space Wolves

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Bjorn, New , SW unique Drednaught with Rampage and Furios Charge. Ap2 talons with shred.
And Space Wolves codex :)

via Voice of the Chaos Gods
I can confirm; my sources say next week Space Wolves Dreadnaught with option on venerable and Björn the Fell-Handed and various weapon options.

via an anonymous source on the cover of the Space Wolf codex and next week's releases.
It' looks like the Blood of Asaheim Novel cover, but different. 
I heard next week GW will bring an Bjorn/Venerable SW Dreadnought Box.

via an must remain anonymous source on Faeit 212
Grey Hunters are not cheaper, they are still 15/model.

They come with Bolter, Bolt Pistol, grenades, ATSKNF, Counter Attack and Acute Senses.

They can have one model upgraded to a Wolf Guard, for +10 points, who gets +1Ld/attack and access to wargear.  (Same as veteran sergeants, except that if not taken, there isn't a "character" in the unit the way normal sergeants are).

They can take 1 special weapon, or 2 at 10 man.  They are limited only to special weapons and not heavy as per normal.  They pay the same points as space marines now, not a discount and not a free one at 10.

They can also take plasma pistols at 1 per 5 in addition to special weapons.

They can swap their bolter for a chainsword at no cost, on a model-by-model basis, and it specifies that it must also be represented on the model.

Wolf banners are still in, but aren't as good and cost 15 points not 10.

Bloodclaws are 13 points per model, minimum 5 up to 20.  Similar as above for upgrades.  Unlike what's in stormclaw, if you upgrade a Bloodclaw to a Wolf Guard he gets +1 WS and BS (to take him to 4/4).  They have rage now instead of their former +d3 attacks on the charge.

Wolf Guard terminators are now an entry, as are Wolf Guard non terminators, so no mixing and matching.  No more pack leader separating of Wolf Guard to join other squads.  Just upgrades in unit.

While I'm sure that a lot of people will be flipping over the loss of certain iconic character elements for space wolves, the new stuff in the book isn't just "Wolf This" "Wolf That" and they still remain sufficiently divergent from normal marines, with points costs that are now in line with them.  Though I won't deny that they definitely were toned down in a lot of ways (that they weren't really overpowered in by any real means) they have been compensated for by gaining access to things like space marine AA tanks, a new flyer and some really nifty formations.

Logan Grimnar and Bjorn are Lords of War.

via Bigred on Bols
August 2nd: Stormwolf/StormFang Combo-kitAugust 9th: Dreadnought/Bjorn Combo-kit (includes new "freeze/cold" cannon and DCCW weapons)August 16th:- WolfLord (Frost axe/pistol)- IronPriest (Servo-harness w "freeze/cold" weapon, T-hammer, pistol)August 23rd:- Codex Space Wolves- ArtbookAugust 24th:- Long Fangs ("freeze/cold" cannons)- Rune Priest (Termy, (helmet/bare heads) Force staff, SB)

White Dwarf Exclusive Characters

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
There will be "WD-exclusive" dataslates of characters with and without models in the future.

We will see rules for people like Captain Agemman, Doomrider, Nazdreg Ug Urdgrub or Ciaphas Cain.

Dropzone Commander

There were lots of full image previews this week for the Resistance

Dark Age 

Mr. Black was on fire this week with lots of new Dark Age previews

Blood Angels and Dark Eldar

via Larry Vela on Bols
Into the fall we will see the back to back pairing of Blood Angels and Dark Eldar, with a limited edition boxed set featuring both sandwiched in between.

This is to be a repeat of the same pattern GW has now tested out with Orks-SanctusReach-Stormclaw-SpaceWolves.

This large multi month pattern will take us into the holidays.

These rumors are rated Average - Low coming from both known and unknown sources

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  1. Funny how "now" everyone is predicting BAs & DE!

    I further predict GKs after that with SoB merged in and then its got to be necrons followed by CSM.

    And if csm are first switch the order of the rest to the back :D

    40k is so boaring.
    Why no supplements for "old" dexes?
    No DA, demon support. Tau & eldar just 1 each. Non for nids or IG.
    Guess they never planed to support all armys equally?

    1. they're predicting it but that doesn't even mean it'll be right. in fact I could make a convicing arguement that it can't be the case because grey knights and Necrons would be such a poor pairing. Blood Angels and Necrons might fair a bit better however. Honestly a part of me wonders if we'll get a chaos supplement somewhere in that mix so that they can release a GK vs Chaos supplement.

    2. Maybe not grey knights but necrons vs the inquisition more broadly is interesting

    3. This is not a prediction but a fact, i said the SW codex would be available preorder 1st week of august, necrons and/or darkeldar will have new models next with a corresponding codex,campaign supplement followed by the blood angels. There it is, the remainder of 40k 2014 in a nutshell

  2. IG got the Militarum Tempestus codex...

    1. Yeah... I guess.
      But still catachans and others would have been cooler.

    2. Do you seriously Believe releasing all that content in such a short period of time would have been financially beneficial for the company?

      Besides that, why are you even complaining? they have released so much in the last two years - it's fantastic. Dataslates, novels, supplements, codex's etc For practically every army.

      I think the real truth is that you bore yourself with your overwhelming expectations.

    3. I'm with you Simon, GW has been doing a great job of late. 7th edition is a great update and they are only a handful of Codex's away from having all of them in a similar vain. All the extra data slates, supplements and expansions are making the game more diverse which is great. They should give fantasy a little love but if there's a new edition of it due out they may be trying to get the balance right before they release army books so as not to have a massive power gap for older army's. They are never going to please everyone but the amount some members of the community complain and put them down beggars belief some times. If you are bored if 40k Seb, fair enough, there's plenty of other games and things to do out there but complaining about it just feeds into all the negativity that some areas of the community bang on about all the time. I grant you a catachan mini dex or something would be great but equally getting the main codex line up to date should take priority then they can expand out wards to cool stuff like the diverse regiments of the guard, other Eldar craftworlds, the chaos legions and anything else that takes their fancy.

    4. @simon
      The stuff they released before 7th is of no intresst now!.

      Its like 6th happen 10years ago. The bigger Part of those dexes are less playable now and will keep moveing down in Tier lvl.

      We allready know they will releas the last missing dexes. And that they will be getting the same Typ of changes as orks or ig or nids. Medicore dexes that need additional formations to "Work"!

      And we also know that supplement are low on priority.
      At least supplements for "order" stuff. The CSMs would have had great potential but look what they got.

      Its very much predictable that they will add flyers & big guys & finecast replacments for all Armys.
      Its very boaring due to that.
      You might play 1 of the upcomeing armys and see it diffrent. But a lot of the dexes have dissapointed in the past.

      I dont see how they have pumped out more???. All they did was less wfb & lotr and slightly more 40k. But the quality isnt there. So whats the point?
      A lot of stuff is bound to buying huge bundels.
      Could not care less about campain Books but i will admit they released quit a bit in that regard.
      Still feel 40k is getting more boaring by the Minute.

    5. Blah blah blah, whine whine whine.

      Not much of 6th is invalidated except for 'Nids. The quality of balance is now higher than before, with a unified points cost for Space Marines so no more Herp Derp 1 point cheaper and better than you Grey Hunters or similar.

      Seriously, Web, I'm almost certain you hate 40k in your soul at this point. Did it do a drive by murder of your family or pets or something?

    6. Are you trying to say 40k is going boar hunting, Seb? Otherwise, I think you mean "boring"...

    7. I'm very glad none of my friends think the same way as you. You have said some of the most petty things I've read from a 40k fan. Take my advise and sell your warhammer. You don't have to bother your self with this 'boring game' and myself and all the other 40k fans out there can carry on enjoying it in peace...

      Win/ win!

    8. Amen to Avis and Simon. Perhaps it makes me hopelessly naive, perhaps my resolution to see the world in a positive light the day I turned 30 has buggered up my perceptions, but I love most of what GW has been doing. And those bits I don't like... oh well, you can't like everything! I can't fathom how little self esteem hobbyists who hate their own hobby must have to keep going on in misery and bitterness, but I'm glad I'm not one of them. Here's to Team Enthusiastic Hobbyist!

    9. Woo go Team Enthusiastic Hobbyist

    10. community is made up of two factions:

      1. team complaints: valid reasons to complain, tends to overdo it.
      2. team apologist: as the name suggestes they enjoy the punishment in whatever form yet continue to game and think it's for the greater hobby good

      i prefer team complaint. as they have valid reason more often than team apologist does. often team apologist creates wall or text. we all know who is on which team, as each almost has a neon sign above their head/username.

    11. @ Simon we both that won't happen, on either count, seb will likely stay.....

      or if he does go then someone else will take his place.

      so really nothing will change either way. like him/dislike him, he is here to stay [or so it would seem]

    12. Look.
      I play DAs and i can wait a nother 3 years Minimum.
      No waves. No supplement. No Option but to buy knights.
      Other dexes are in the same situation.
      Look at the csm wave. 1 hellbrute!

      Sure if you can injoy looking at what all the upcomeing Armys will get, you wont care.

      But its not fun to me.
      Rumors are listings of old dexes and units in finecast to turn plastic. Thats all they are.
      Leaks happen exacatly 1 week before per orders. Every Time. And more pics 2-3 days later.
      Its very boring unless you play the Army.
      If they just did preorders 2 weeks in advance there would be no rumors to speak of.

      Lets look at orks. Most players get what they like. A lot just scratchbuild the mek gunz and dont bother with Gorkanout caus they suck. And most have the other stuff allready. So they are just "replaceing" old models.
      Some might play around with the Formation. And thats it.
      Everybody will build their list with the same units and thats it.
      Its luckysticks a meks.
      Thats the whole dex.
      Its the same for nids that got "take hivecrons & flyrants"
      Its kinda the same for every dex. Just that some dexes suck hard.
      Its very boring.
      And i fail to see how now GW is doing more for us?
      All they did was make content outside of the dex and less inside.

      Sure we get more plastic now. Instead of finecast.
      So Its really less.
      Just more book.

      I think its getting worse and worse and all the changes they do just make me care less & less.

    13. Of course leaks happen a week before.. That's how a supply chain works. If preorders were two weeks before then the leaks would still be a week before.

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      2) This is a weekly round up, a regular feature presenting the week's rumours in digest form. New information is rarely presented here for the very reason that regular readers don't expect it to be and skip it if they've read all the week's rumours they think will interest them.

    2. seems it worked because here you are

  4. Oh how I want Gaunt to be a usable character again...