This shows which factions will get their releases first.

Rumors via a great source here on Faeit 212

I got more Stuff about Warhammer The Old World;
New Base for new produced and sold Sets;
-25mm - small Infantry
-30mm - larger Infantry
-60mm - monstrous Infantry,
-30mmx60mm - Cavalry
There will be no rules for base measures, you can use your old models with their old bases. You even could use rebased Models with Movement trays for round bases.
Launch Set will be (as said) Empire vs. Orcs
Bretonia and Khemri were previews to show "those factions are not forgotten, we will bring complete new Stuff for them!"
Khemri will get the biggest range overhauls
Some older Models will return to production
First (6) Factions to get releases will be Empire > Orcs & Goblins > Chaos > Kislev > Bretonia > Dwarfs

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