Epic Warhammer- The Horus Heresy is where we are headed for Epic Warhammer. All of this is rather logical and gives us some insight into what we will get out of the game.

via sources on Faeit212
Here is a round-up / renew of my informations about the release for "Epic Warhammer - The Horus Heresy";
> Release at the End of 2023
> Replacing Aeronautica (Titanicus will stay!)
> Horus Heresy
> Core Units in Plastic (Legiones Astartes First, the rest later)
> Representing of all Space Marine Armours (Mk2 to Mk6, Cataphractii to Indomitus) over Time
> Later Option to expand it into the Great Crusade with Ork and Eldar Armies (possible with a "second Edition")
> There exist ideas for a "Man of Iron" Faction and other "unknown" Factions for this Great Crusade second Edition
> There exist enough ideas to make it the biggest "Specialist Game" so far since they started to bring them back in 2016
> With Horus Heresy as their third main System, AT, AI, EW:HH (and later Gothic) will become HH "Sub-systems" (like KT for 40k or Warcry for AoS are)
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