March is here and wow is it a great line up for the 3d Printer Wargamers here. I have added a couple new Patreons to this list this month as some of my favorite miniature companies have moved into the 3D printing realm! I've also added a new section called Featured Releases, see what that is all about below. While there are 3 featured here this month, normally it will be one or two only.

Check out the latest from our range of Patreon's and Other 3d Printing subscriptions that are available this month. 

These are all monthly subscriptions on Patreon or other monthly accounts. You can also often get these after the release month on sites like MyMiniFactory or elsewhere depending on which company it is. 

The order does not reflect my thoughts or specifically the release order they come out. I will be adding to this list  and updating as the month progresses.

If you feel you know of a great company doing STLs let me know in the comments and we will see if they can be added to this.

Look for Printers Corner along the top right of the site.

This is new because there are always releases that are either that good in some manner or are new to this article series Printer's Corner.

This is a rather new Patreon/Tribes and looks amazing. While I am not yet certain how much gets released each month it is a less expensive subscription coming in at $7/7.5 The crab-like faction is just crazy good. 

Oshounaminis releases miniatures throughout the month instead of showing their month's set of releases. Obviously I prefer the the full set at once, but when a creator is just getting going this is acceptable and hopefully it is something they later change. The Welcome pack though is definitely a full one. 

There is a little inconsistency on their early bird subscriptions. On Tribe it shows $7 early bird subs, while this is the standard price on Patreon. So if you miss the early bird on Tribe, check out Patreon.

Creature Caster has always been one of my favorite miniature companies with some seriously unique sculpts that often just blow you away. Now they have digital!!!!

While these sculpts are more geared towards roleplaying, they are still amazing miniatures with the detail you would expect from Creature Caster. The big part of this is the price, which is high if you are a wargamer, simply because the background lore etc are not necessarily what you are looking for. 

The price is set at 11.99/month for Creature Caster.

This is Wargames Atlantic going digital! While they are releasing throughout the month with a Tribes subscription, this looks like there will be a massive amount of releases each month. This could be one of the most bang for your buck subs coming in at $10 for early birds and $12 normally. (ps only 1 sub left for early bird.... Go get it!)

It's hard to say just how much will get released each month (a problem with subs that dont just do one large release a month) but I am willing to check it out and see what it brings. 


Usually 3 Parts Each Month

Both Fantasy and Scifi

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