Epic I hope will reignite many of the players that have been long looking at this game wishing it would return. This is a great look at what will be released from the onset and what the release will entail. Most of this should be announced later at the end of this month.

via a very solid source on Faeit 212

Official Announcement will be now Warhammerfest at the End of April; GW will show the new EPIC Logo and Space Marine Legionaries in Mk4 Armour.
EPIC will be only a small release for the Start; Starter Set, Seperate Rulebook, Accessories and 3 to 4 Boxes with Infantry and Tanks seperate.
The new "Mk4" Power Armour Sprue will have the follwing content - note that every Squad also comes with a Sergeant option
Segment A/B (MK4 Line Squads)
  • 44 Tactical Marines
  • 11 Assault Marines with Jump Packs
  • 11 Support Marines with "Anti-Tank Weapons"
  • 11 Support Marines with "Anti-Infantry" Weapons"
  • 4 Bikes
Segment C (Mk4 Command Squads)
  • 2 (different) Praetors
  • 2 (different) Centurions
  • 8 Consuls of different types
  • 33 Veterans (actual further Tactical Marines)
Segment D (Tartaros Terminator Squads)
  • 1 Terminator Praetor
  • 1 Terminator Centurion
  • 4 Terminator Consuls
  • 22 Terminators
A and B are identical and have the dimensions of a common medium sprue segment
C & D are smaller "half" segments
Together all four sprue segments have the dimensions of a common GW Sprue in three parts
  • Three-part model for the basic Rhino.
  • Two parts for the lower hull's both sides with tracks and the back hatch as part of one of them.
  • Third part with the upper hull, front plate and the side doors.
  • Predator (and other variants) will then be alternative upper hulls with side weapons, turret with different weapon options, using the Rhino two-part chassis.
  • Predator turret will be two part with one is just the turret body/armour and another parts which include the weapon, the turret pin to fix it on the hull and the turrets backside.

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