Here is a huge Epic Set of rumors that detail out model sets and how the game will be released. 

An updated section at the bottom.

via a very solid source here on Faeit 212

More titbits about the release of EPIC as the next Game by the Specialist Design Studio of GW.
  • Big Box Set with enough Stuff to build 3 to 4 "small" Legiones Astartes Armies
  • Set is thematic is focused on the Istvaan III atrocity
  • All four Traitor Legions on Istvaan III featured with specific rules
  • Hardcover Rulebook
  • Thin Campaign Booklet to play the killing between Brothers on Istvaans
  • Game is based on Epic Armageddone Ruleset
  • Army Rules will more focused on Thematic Armies
  • Compendium which features rules and profiles for all 18 Space Marine Legions, Imperial Army, Mechanicum ect.
"Big" Infantry Sprue with 4 medium segmented parts (like common medium GW sprues) for Space Marines with Models for:
Two segments with each
  • Mk4 Tactical Squads
  • Mk4 Heavy Weapons ("anti-tank" and "anti-infatry") Squads
  • Mk4 Assault Squads
  • Mk4 Bike Squads
One segment with:
  • Mk4 Command Squads (Enough Parts for two Squads and different Leaders)
One segment with:
  • Terminators in Tartaros and Command Squad options
Second big Infantry Sprue in the same fashion but with Mk2 & Mk3 Armour mixed
One segment with
  • Mk2 Tactical Squads
  • Mk2 Heavy Weapons ("anti-tank" and "anti-infatry" Squads
  • Mk2 Assault Squads
  • Mk2 Bike Squads
One segment with:
  • Mk3 Tactical Squads
  • Mk3 Heavy Weapons ("anti-tank" and "anti-infatry") Squads
  • Mk3 Breacher Squads
One segment with:
  • Mk2 & Mk3 Command Squads (One Squad each with one Armour type)
One segment with:
  • Terminators in Cataphractii and Command Squad options
"Deimos" Sprue with 3 medium segmented parts with:
Two with Parts for four basic Rhinos
One with with Parts for Predator, Vindicator and Whirlwind variants
"Heavy Tank" Sprue with 3 medium segmented parts with:
One with Parts for 3 Land Raider Proteus
One with Parts for 2 Spartans and Variants
One with Parts for 3 Sicarians and Variants
"Heavy Tank" Sprue with parts for Felblade Variants
"Assault Vehicle" Sprue with parts for Land Speeder & Javelin Variants
Imperial Army and Mechanicum core units are also planned in plastic
Re-use of AT & AI Models for Arial and "extra big" support
Special Units and specific Stuff in Resin
Those "segmented" sprue parts could possible be seperated to get sold seperate later

"Dreadnought" Sprues with parts for 4 Contemptors and 2 Leviathans with many weapon options
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