Ajex Gorgoth of House Goliath makes his appearance today. Wow, that guy is huge.

via WarCom

Some people are born into power, and other monsters are made, but the real movers and shakers of Necromunda drag themselves up from the pits and grasp status with their own two hands. When you have hands as large as Ajex Gorgoth’s, you can hold a lot of power indeed – and the self-styled Lord of the Fist isn’t afraid to swing it around Hive Primus.

As an extra holiday treat, we’ve also got some new ash wastes-themed upgrades to show off. House Cawdor’s disdain for technology won’t stop them venturing out into a choking sandstorm, and a few wrapped rags is ‘good enough’ for the average fanatic. Who needs vac-sealed hermeto-flasks of purified water when a trusty glass bottle will do?

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