A good look at what may be in the codex with some Rumors/leaks on the new upcoming Warhammer 40,000 codex. 

THE EMPEROR'S BENEDICTION – range 18 Pistol 3 S4 AP1 D2 Abilities: ignore the Look Out, Sir rule. unmodified wound roll of 6 does 1 mortal wound in addition


DEATH MASK OF OLLANIUS – bearer + their unit gets a 4++

THE BARBICANT'S KEY Grand – Dark matter crystal/viel of shadows equivalent (e.g. pick up and put down same turn)

KUROV'S AQUILA – Vect equivalent (e.g., 1 enemy strat costs 1 more CP for the game)

GATEKEEPER 72” rang.: Blast. Turret Weapon. Heavy D3+6 str 9 ap-3 D3

RELIC OF LOST Cadia- Cadian only. Once per battle. (Aura): CADIAN INPANTRY in range get +1 WS and BS and attacks and Ld

ORDER OF THE BASTIUM STELLARIS – Transhuman for bearer and unit

PSY-SIGIL OF SANCTION Psyker model only know +1 power, cast +1 power

ARMOUR OF GRAF TOSCHENKO bearer gets 2+ save and +1 wound

LAURELS OF COMMAND Can issue one order (from a specific subset, not all orders) in the enemy turn. Once per game

Claw of the Desert Tigers: Model with power sword or Power Saber only. Str +2 Ap-3 D2. Each time the bearer fights with this weapon you get +2 attacks.

Clarion Proclomatus: Upgrade for a Master Vox guy in a command squad. Gives a command squad officer unlimited range for orders, but only when ordering another unit that has a vox caster.

Relic Banner (name unknown): Upgrade for a regimental standard bearer only. 6” Aura that effects friendly core units. Friendly core units ignore any modifiers to hit and to wound when making ranged attacks. Enemy models cannot use any rules to ignore the wounds it looses (no feel no pain!) (not sure how this works with Transhuman and units that can only loose so many wounds per phase)

Null Coat: Tempestor Prime and Commissar model only. Bearer can attempt to deny 1 enemy psychic power and gets +1 to deny.

Emperors Fury: Model with a plasma pistol only. Range 12” Pistol 3 Str 8 Ap-3 D2. (doesn’t seem to overheat)

Refractor Field Generator: Tempestor Prime Only. 6” Aura that effects friendly scions Infantry units. Friendly scions within range get 5++


Relentless: Use in the command phase on a friendly vehicle. Model counts as being on its top profile until start of next command phase. 2CP for titanic vehicles, 1CP for other vehicles.

Field Promotion: Costs 1 CP. Use this when your Warlord dies. Select 1 officer model in your army and give it a warlords trait it is able to take. Full all rules and objective purposes this model now becomes your warlord. If the enemy had a objective to kill your warlord then it does not succeed. Can only be used once per game.

Vengeful Salute: Use when a friendly vehicle is destroyed in the enemy shooting or fight phase, as long as the vehicle did not explode. Before you remove the model the vehicle can shoot with its turret weapons. The vehicle counts as having BS 5+. Costs 1CP to use on Battle Tanks or Armored Superiority units, otherwise it costs 2CP.

Crush them! Costs 1 CP. Use in the fight phase. Use on Battle Tank or Superheavy units. Cannot be used when fighting enemy vehicles or monsters. Model gets WS 4+. If the model has the armored Keyword the model gets WS 3+. Unmodified wound roles of a 6 do 1 mortal wound in addition to other damage. (Note sure how this works with a dozer blade)

Fire on my Position: Costs 2 CP. Use when a Friendly model with a vox caster dies from a melee attack. Don’t remove the vox caster model. After all attacks have been resolved roll a D6 for each unit within 3” of the voxcaster. On a 4+ that unit take D3 Mortal wounds. Once resolved remove the vox caster model. This strat only costs 1 CP for Units with the Cult of Sacrifice keyword.

Officer Cadre: Costs 1 CP. Standard extra warlord trait stratagem.

Battlefield Request: Costs 1 CP. Select a Sgt or Watchmaster model in your army and give them 1 of the following relics: Claw of the Desert Tigers, Barbicants Key, The Emperors Fury, Relic of Lost Cadia.

Imperial Guards Armory: Costs 1 CP Standard extra relic stratagem.

Maverick Maneuvers: Costs 1 CP. Use in your shooting phase. Select a sentinels unit. After they have resolved their shooting, the unit can make a normal move up to 6”. It can’t shoot again this phase.

Thunderous charge: Costs 1 CP. Use on Ogryns or Rough Riders when they have finished a charge. Select 1 enemy unit within engagement range. Roll 1 D6 for each Ogryn or Rough Rider in Engagement range, for each roll that equals or beats the enemy Toughness, they suffer 1 Mortal Wound.

Artillery Strike Request: Costs 2 CP. Use this stratagem in your command phase when the Master of Ordnance or an Expert Bombardier Officer is on the board. Place a marker on the board. At the start of your next command phase, roll 1 D6 for each enemy unit within 6” of the center of the marker. Add +1 for each unit within 3” and -1 for an enemy character. On a 2-5 the enemy units suffers d3 mortal wounds. On a 6 they suffer d6 mortal wounds. You can only use this stratagem once.

Vicious Traps: Costs 1 CP. Use in your opponents charge phase when an enemy unit charges one of your units is fully inside area terrain. Roll D6, 2-5 the enemy suffers d3 mortal wounds, on a 6 suffers 2d3. Add +1 to the roll if your unit has the Catachan or Veteran Guerrillas Keyword. Add +1 if they have the Melta Mine keyword. Add +1 if Sly Marbo is on the battlefield.

Feign & Strike: Costs 1 CP. Use on Rough Riders in the movement phase when they fall back. The unit can Shoot and Charge even though they fell back.

Flakk Barrage: Costs 1 CP. Use in the enemy movement phase after the enemy has set up reinforcements. 1 Hydra may shoot as though it were in your shooting phase, but can only target aircraft that have set up as reinforcements this turn.

Shield of Flesh: Costs 1 CP. Basically the same as it is in Psychic Awakening: The Greater Good.

Mount up: Costs 2CP. Use in your shooting phase. Can only be used on units with Mechanized or Militarum Tempestus Keywords. After they have resolved their shooting, if the whole unit is within 3” of a friendly transport they can embark.

Overcharge Lascells: Costs 2 CP. Use in the shooting phase on a Kasrkin or Scions unit. Each time that unit makes an unmodified wound roll of a 6 with a Hotshot weapon, it inflicts 1 mortal wound in addition to normal damage. Can do 6 mortal wounds max.

Smoke launchers: Costs 1 CP. Standard smokescreen like stratagem.

Ablative Plating: Costs 2 CP. Use the stratagem in any phase. Select one battle tank or Armoured unit. Until the end of the phase reduce the damage of enemy attacks by 1 (to a minimum of 1). This stratagem costs 3 CP for a Rogal Dorn or Superheavy unit.

Melta Mine: Costs 1 CP. Unit with Melta Mine Keyword only. Use in the fight phase against an enemy monster or vehicle. Roll a D6, on a 2-5 the enemy unit suffers d3+1 mortal wound. On a 6 it suffers 2d3 mortal wounds.

Battlefield Surgery: Costs 1 CP. Details unknown. Orbital Interference: Costs 1 CP. Effects Officer of the Fleet models. Other Details unknown. Acceptable Losses: Costs 1 CP. Details unknown.

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