We are doing a submission giveaway for What's On Your Table. One lucky submission chosen at random will get a $50 credit/giftcard to a Gaming Company of your choice. (as long as they do gift cards). Send in up to 8 pics or a short video to natfka@live.com

So lets get your submissions in on what you have on your table. This lasts through the end of the year. The winner will be random from every submission sent in.

Thanks for bringing back the old site layout! Here's a few pictures of some of my Kabal of the Severed conversions. I figured since they are exiles from Commorragh they should be something between corsairs and dark eldar. 

I alternate between the rules of those factions (8e fan codex for the corsairs works fine) and occasionally throw in a harlequin character. I also figured they might still have some secret connections to Commorragh or a complex space faring society, hence the access to haemonculus covens units.



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